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Felice Kimbrew

CEO of FMK Media LLC

Being apart of this community of empowering, business and goal oriented women changed my life. Not only did I learn from these women but after overcoming a hardship these members assisted me in walking into my entrepreneurship full time. We have all genuinely supported each other from social media engagement to workshops where we learn and grow together. I couldn’t be more thankful for this introduction to Dr. Lauren Meeks and this community of talented women. Lauren you are amazing!

Lakichay Nadirah Muhammad

Founder of Chief Inspirational Officer of The Center for Self Improvement Wholistic Wellness and Transformation

There are days when I may not want to drive to my main office to work and the local coffee shop just won’t cut it. Having the option to work from an environment that offers the perks of a coffee shop yet the comfort and peace that I need to focus is more than I can ask for. A nice working environment is everything for me and MQP has created the kind of warm and peaceful atmosphere that helps me activate my creative thought and produce the type of quality work that my clients can appreciate. MQP is definitely more than a co-working space, it’s a place where my ideas go from conception to birth all under the same roof. Peace & Blessings!

Paige Hubbard

CEO/Founder of Paige's Portrayals

MQP has enhanced my performance as a photographer. It allowed me to be efficient in providing a safe space for my clients, as well as, a place to create fundamentally eye pleasing art.​

Dr. Shaniqua Jones

Founder of Purple Path

MQP provides a safe space for me in a world where I’m a safe space for others. This place is my think tank, a place to rest my mind, and a creative circle of like-minded souls who see each other for who we are and where we’re going.​

Joshua Pondexter

President/ CEO of Stone Consultant LLC

I love the space and so do my clients. Very easy to get to and plenty of parking.

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