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We are so excited over the Confessions Of A Melanated Queen docu-series! Our brand has evolved from blog, to book, to podcast, and now film!

The Film!

The Confessions of a Melanated Queen documentary is 


We have finally reached our post production final stages of the film. We’d like to thank all of our supporters, and all of the contributions made to make this film possible. We cannot wait until the release to show you this incredible film. Please follow our Facebook page to listen out for our release date!

The Book!

Confessions of A Melanated Queen: Complexities of the Modern Black Woman, is comprised of controversial and thought-provoking commentary related to life, marriage, and family, through the lens of a millennial African American woman. Melanated Queen Productions serves as the official home for the brand Confessions Of A Melanated Queen, which comprises of a blog, a book series, a weekly podcast, and a documentary series that is currently in production.

The Podcast

The Confessions Of A Melanated Queen podcast was designed to celebrate the achievements within Black culture.