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Meet Our Founder, Dr. Lauren Meeks!

Dr. Lauren Meeks is an advocate for ending social, economic, and educational disparities among under-served populations. With a background in higher education, youth development, and workforce development, Dr. Meeks is committed to following and exhibiting the principles of servant leadership.

Dr. Meeks earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Master of Arts in Political and Justice Studies, and a Doctor of Education in Ethical Leadership. She is the author of the book series Confessions Of A Melanated Queen, and host of a weekly podcast under the same title. Dr. Meeks is the owner of Melanated Queen Productions, LLC.


Melanated Queen Productions, LLC is a community-centered company that provides educational content centered on social constructs of the African American experience. Melanated Queen Productions serves as the official home for the brand Confessions Of A Melanated Queen, which comprises of a blog, a book series, a weekly podcast, and a documentary series that is currently in production.

Melanated Queen Productions, LLC is the creator of the annual Melanated Queen Awards and Melanated King Awards. Both celebrations recognize and honor African American men and women who are servant leaders in their respective communities.

Melanated Queen Productions, LLC opened its first co-working and social space during the summer of 2019, and provides a home for local creatives, visionaries, and forward-thinkers.

Queen Awards

King Awards

The Melanated Queen Awards recognized Black women in the community who were leaders in their communities.

Here are the honorees posing with our Founder Dr. Lauren Meeks. The Melanated King Awards was an event that honored our Black men who are servant leaders in their communities.